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He is a minor character and perhaps one of Darren's bullying accomplices. He is a short, overweight boy who loves


eating beans and various other gas inducing foods, Possibly either to do it as a weapon and distraction to the members of the opposing baseball team, or possibly from some sort of medical problem caused by no matter what he eats or drinks.

3 Ninjas Kick Back[]

In the movie he was a player on the rival baseball team: the Mustangs. He was #11 and he was called up to bat. Before he did he finished eating something by spoon possibly re fried beans or some sort of bean dip. When he went up to bat he began to feel painful straining cramps. The cramps were so bad he missed his first two strikes. Finally he relaxingly let out a loud and very long powerful fart. The smell was so bad that the audience nearby fainted, the games' announcers fainted, the Umpire fainted and even Tum-Tum could not stand it.

During the distraction of the bad fart he took a strike and ran to the next base repeatedly farting one fart after the other one on the way to the base. After Darren beamed Colt on the head by the striking the ball right at him Tum-tum announced SCRAMBLE! and both teams got into a huge group rumbling riot. Gerald farted in Tum-Tum's face and just laughed " he he he ha ha".

Later on it possibly might have been him who was seen walking off with Darren and Lisa Di Marino. Also possibly might have been him who was one of the mustang members who passed by The Douglas' house and taunted Rocky for wearing glasses and mentioned their upcoming rematch.

When the rematch game was finally on the games announcers all take precautions by covering their noses. The Audience was getting prepared to cover their noses. Tum-Tum was spraying an aerosol freshener and even the umpire put a close peg onto his nose.

He might have actually been Darren's friend or possibly was just let on the team to use his "weapon" for the teams advantage


He was portrayed by Brian Wagner.