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FBI Agent Jerry Kurl


FBI Agent Jerry Kurl is a minor character in the 3 Ninjas film. He is Sam Douglass's partner in the investigation to capture Hugo Snyder.

3 Ninjas[]

Agent Kurl is present when Sam Douglas leads the FBI on a sting operation against Hugo Snyder, to buy warheads. Snyder escapes due to the ninjas were in the rafters. A war-zone rages in the warehouse with the law officials and his ninja subordinates to his frustration. Sam follows Snyder to the top of the building and seemingly has him corner before he has subordinates take aim at Sam and shoot allowing Snyder to escape. Sam pursuits him to the top of the structure. He demands him to freeze, but a chopper arrives with gunfire making him standby. Once clear, Sam take aim, but misses Snyder who has escaped the scene by chopper. Agent Kurl tries to cheer Sam up after the failure to catch him by enthusing about their careers, but Sam believes in fulfillment of accomplishing his goal and continues to stress over the failure.