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She is minor character in the 3 Ninjas Kick Back film. She is a teenaged girl and another one of Rocky's romantic interest or actually in a relationship already with Darren, their long-time bully that plays on the opposing team, The Mustangs. 

3 Ninjas Kick Back[]

Before the game, she is first seen by Tum Tum whom is getting a hot dog from the hot dog stand. Tum Tum greets her knowing his older brother has a crush on her.

When Rocky is pitching and trying to focus during the first game, he imagines pitching to her. In his fantasy, she was chanting his name, visible on every base including the batter. He throws an underhanded pitch thinking it is really her playing which the real batter brings him to reality by smashing the underhand pitch and his brother Tum Tum shouting, "Rocky!" wondering what he was daydreaming about when supposedly pitching.

As Rocky's father asks him what he was daydreaming about when he was supposed to be pitching. After he says that, Tum Tum chimes in by teasing Rocky saying, "Lisa Di Marino... Lisa Di Marino..." As Tum Tum teases Rocky, Lisa happens to be walking by with Darren waving at him in a flirtatious way. Rocky notices Darren with her when she is walking away.

After the game, Colt insist that Rocky stay in America to play baseball for the championship in order to impress her saying, "You can pitch the winning game Rocky. What do you think Lisa Di' Marino will think of that?" Rocky ultimately accepts staying in America.




  • She is portrayed by Maital Sabban in the 3 Ninjas Kick Back film.
  • Her surname "Di Marino" is possibly of Italian heritage.