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She is the loving, supportive middle-aged Japanese mother of Miyo in the 3 Ninjas Kick Back film. It appears she is very compassionate and encouraging of her daughter.

3 Ninjas Kick Back[]

After Miyo wins the tournament, she ask her if they can stay with them. She gracefully accepts with a smile saying, "We are honored..." But lets them know there is one more important place they have to make it to before going home. She take them to Miyo's baseball tryouts. She informs the brothers that she is the only girl to try out each year. Tum-Tum asks her about the ancient looking building behind them and who lived there. She informs him and his brothers, "Oh, Castle Hikone, no one lives there. It's very, very old." Later, at her home, she cooks for Miyo and the brothers and they thank her by saying, "Tottemo Oishii desu." which means,"very delicious." at which she smiles and accepts the compliment by thanking them and smiling when the older brothers chastise Tum Tum about how picky of an eater he is.