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Rushmore is a minor character in the film. He is Hugo Snyder's bodyguard and accompanies with Nigel Brown on occasion. He is a man of very few words. He is defeated by the young ninjas during their escape from the ship at the harbor which the where kidnapped and brought to.

3 Ninjas[]

When Snyder returns to his hideout, he explains his relationship with Sam Douglas and Mori Tanaka to his assistant Brown and his bodyguard. He pays a visit to Mori with Rushmore accompanying him. After the brothers fended the ninjas evading the cabin, Hugo holds Rushmore from further attack on them, but he remains on standby to protect Hugo as he converses with Mori.

After the boys release the babysitter from the foyer closet of their home, Brown appears behind them with him and says, "Hello kids, we are all going for a little ride." Colt impulsively attempts to sidekick him to the body, but he grabs his foot and holds him upside down. Colt, still being held by his foot, whimpers saying, "Would you like me to drive?" After that, they kidnap the brothers and leave Emily with a note for law officials and the family.